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Roach treatment | Part 2

A Little Info On Roach Treatments to help Eliminate Infestations | Part 2


If it is low, then cockroaches have abundant food sources and they will not be feeding on any type of baits. While this doesn’t happen often, it does occur and other steps should be taken to eliminate the infestation before switching to baits. For example, we want to use a traditional pest elimination approach using directed contact applications of very mild and low toxicity material applied with an applicator designed to inject these materials deeply into cracks, crevices and voids were the roaches like to hide. A micro-injector or an Actisol unit can perform this task. This approach will require more labor and effort but has been proven for many years to be extremely effective in eliminating deep-seated German cockroach infestations. Follow-up treatments with crack and crevice residual applications may also be necessary if the infestation is large. This approach has a long history of effectiveness. Once the population has been eliminated, particularly in the more inaccessible or deep areas, then baits can be used very effectively to maintain acceptable levels of control.

I know this answer may sound as if I am promoting old technology, particularly in light of the industry’s infatuation with baits. However, I’m simply trying to remind you that integrated pest management is just that: an integration of all available tools and techniques, including some that may have been around for a while but have proven themselves effective, nonetheless. Remember, the goal is to eliminate the pest problem in the most efficient and safe manner possible. Don’t let the age of the technique get in the way of sound decision making.

CONCLUSION. Murphy’s law tell us, If we stay in the business long enough, cockroaches will find new ways to surprise us. We train ourselves to look deeper and see all of the aspects affecting the situation, especially all the parameters that are moving in and out of an area, and are constantly changing where cockroaches are being seen.