Preparation information

Pest Free Home

A serious pest problem is usually not something you’re equipped to deal with on your own. If you suspect that your home is infested with termites or carpenter ants, or there are animal noises in your attic that are making you less than comfortable, we can help.

A Prepared home is a Pest Free Home

Having a pest problem in your home is bad enough, but not being ready for the technician when he or she arrives is worst. Not only to you have to reschedule your appointment but you allow time for the pests to multiply while your are waiting. Being ready for a thorough inspection and treatment will give the technicians more success on eliminating your pests in one treatment.

The other company does not make me prepare. Most of the spray jockeys do not make you prepare, they come in and squirt in one or two places and tell you ” that will do”. That will not do in most cases, if the treatment is not applied to the nesting and hiding spots of the pests they will return later. Now some pest applications do not require you to prepare but there are still a few that do. The better you are prepared the quicker the pest infestation will be gone.

Below are the links to the preparation sheets for the pests that I require prep for. If you do not see the prep-sheet for the pest that you have, that means there is NO prep for your pest problem.

When you need pest control , you can count on the experienced professionals at Mountain View Pest Control. We offer safe, modern methods at competitive prices, and we’re a member in good standing of the National Pest Management Association as well as the Washington State Pest Management Association. Call us today.