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FAQ about Bees | Part 2

Can I just plug up the hole and suffocate them?

If the entrance hole is plugged, the bees will look for another exit. They may find another crack or opening or they could follow light and enter your living quarters instead through gaps in baseboard, electrical outlets, or vents. However, if you do succeed in trapping the bees in the wall, expect to have a stench from the hive in the wall, and it is very probable that honey will seep out of the structure.

Will the bee’s just leave on there own if I don’t do anything about it?

No, if left alone the bees will just continue working, building more and more honey and laying more and more eggs. Eventually, your beehive can grow to be hundreds of pounds and up to forty thousand bees. Soon the hive will get so big that the original Queen will not be able to communicate with all of the bees in her hive any more. In this case, the bees will lay a new Queen. This new Queen will take a portion of the bees with her and leave the hive. A lot of swarming activity can be seen when the split is taking place. Typically, they will build their new hive close to where they originally came from.

What are you doing about that problem?

In anticipation of this problem, we treat the area where the bees lived with a residual insecticide that will eradicate the bees over the following days. There should be no more bee activity after 2 days or so, if there is, then please call us at 623-256-7034

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