General Information

Bed Bug Treatment Preparations | Part 2

Bed Bug After Treatment thing to Do

  1. Stay in your home. It is very important that you are still living in the home during the treatment protocol. Without a human in the home the Bed Bugs will not come out of their hiding spots and get exposed to our products. Leaving the home for the treatment protocol will only make the Bed Bugs hide until you return.
  2. Keep all items picked up like laundry, shoes, bedding, backpacks. Any item that is left on the floor by the bed can become a new nesting spot for the Bed Bugs. If these items are not treated the Bed Bugs will remain in your home.
  3. Keep all stuffed toys sealed in plastic bags until the treatment protocol is completed. This is to avoid the Bed Bugs from infesting the toys and having to be thrown out.
  4. Vacuum carpets and baseboards weekly. This will remove dead and dieing Bed Bugs.
  5. Change sheets every 3 days and launder. If live Bed Bugs are found, spray your bed with a 30% rubbing alcohol and water solution.
  6. Do NOT spray any chemicals to try to get rid of the Bed Bugs faster. The wrong chemical can cause them to go deeper into hiding and not get exposed to our products.
  7. Follow all of the directions that are given to you. Your cooperation is 50% of the success of the treatment; this is why you are required to sign the treatment agreement. If we do not get your cooperation we cannot eliminate the infestation.

Bed Bugs do not have wings and don’t fly, they do not migrate outdoors, and they do not just show up in our homes. They are brought in by people, unknowing people, but without the help of the human they would not be able to spread from one side of the world to the other.  No matter how they got in your home, it is very important to follow all of the instructions so we can get them out.